Societal Conditioning..

Anna Lucille Grey
5 min readDec 3, 2022

It amazes me how the majority of society is so blind to the reality of the conditioning we have been exposed to. How is everyone just okay with it? Before you call me crazy, just hear me out.

As children we are taught to obey our parents, church members, educational staff, among other authority figures. Don’t get me wrong, children need to learn and be guided but there is a better way we could be doing it. We are overlooking something though; we are being conditioned to be socially correct. We are conditioned to fit into a box in order to be accepted by the masses. Societal conditioning creates droids and strips away individuality.

Public schooling is the perfect example. It’s the ultimate conditioning of them all. It’s the base of conditioning outside of poor parenting. We don’t raise children to be free spirited. We raise them to obey policies that are only accepted by the masses. And god forbid a child thinks for themselves. No one ever listens to the children. Public schooling has a tendency of stripping children of their individuality. They also don’t factor in that children learn at their own pace and in different ways. There are more than just one learning style. As a parent myself, I don’t agree with public schooling policies. No child left behind? That policy ensures that children get left behind. If a child needs more time on a subject mostly because its not taught in their personal learning style, they just get moved on to the next regardless. These children continuously get moved along regardless of where they really are academically. Usually when they hit high school, the fresh teens are so behind that they get overwhelmed which leads them to drop out and ruin their lives. And if you look into the rate of new homeschooling families, you’d be shocked. During the covid lock down, a lot of parents learned the hard way of where their children really were academically, and it was overwhelming! These kids were grade levels behind. These parents only realized this because they were thrown into distance learning. And no, distanced learning and homeschooling are not the same things. They are completely different. Distanced learning: your child is still enrolled in public schools. Homeschooling: your child is taught by a guardian, not a third party.

It doesn’t help that children get relentlessly bullied. And the policies on that…

Anna Lucille Grey

As an Author, I am at peace knowing I have left a part of myself behind in this world before I become one with nature again.